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In the new millennium, We take pleasure to Introduce a conglomerate of companies bonded by a policy to access customer requirements correctly and to give error free components “in time” and to always ensure complete customer satisfaction.

The company started its small scale operation with limited resources named PolyeRubb Industries long back. Today, we have expanded and progressed into a source which manufactures various Elastomer engineering parts.PolyeRubb Industries, along with your support, is poised for a quantum leap in time to come. We manufacture and market a high quality standard of products to the U.S.A. and other major O.E.M. Industries In the global market. Our corporate philosophy is centered on products that function.

At our esteem organization we consider our man power as the ultimate resource. Our highly qualified and experienced professionals are motivated with a common motto to serve our valued customers with a superior quality at low cost price.

We are flexible to the fast changing demands of the industry which results in short development cycles and customer satisfaction. We have earned a reputation for fast development, prompt service and consistent high quality products which you will find as a valuable asset to your organization.

Our aim is to provide a top of the line customer care and ultimately a privilege to serve you.

Besides being competitive and economical, PolyeRubb has a tradition of manufacturing products that give high performance under diverse conditions and this makes its presence felt the global market.

Industrial Products demand a wide knowledge of mechanical aspects of application for the products that are manufactured. PloyeRubb has come out with flying colors in the development and manufacturing of elastomer products which are still an asset to its customer’s plants and machinery supporting long working life and better performance. As industrial grade requirements vary from application to application. PolyeRubb has mastered itself in the various elastomers like Silicone, Viton, Flurosilicone, Neoprene, Nitrile, High Nitrile, EPM, EPDM, Hydro chlorinated Rubber, Hypalone, Epichloro Rubber, SBR, Poly-Acrylic Rubber, Polyurethane, Polybutadine Butyl, Poly-Sulfide Industrial products, so it has been continuously striving for preserving the consistency in formulation, color grade and finishing of the products supplied to its customers.